My paternal grandmother was Grace Floretta Martin, who married Mansel Levi McCrea.  Her great grandparents, Jacob Martin (11 August 1798 - 1871)  and Susannah Overholser (20 January 1798 - 1870) were married in Montgomery County, Ohio, 16 August 1818.  They moved to Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio, around 1832 and were pioneer residents of the area.  Jacob and Susannah had 11 children and 85 grandchildren.  There are links below to .pdf files with information on Susannah Overholser and her ancestors.  For information on her husband, Jacob Martin, and his ancestors, follow this link to my MARTIN PAGE

2018 UPDATE - I am in the process of reorganizing and expanding my Overholser web page.  The first step I have taken is to add a 20 page discussion of Susannah Overholser's grandfather, ABRAHAM OVERHOLSER, Farmer, Sawmill Operator, Brethren Minister, Pioneer Resident of Woodbury Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania Part A below is the first 14 pages.  Part B is the last 6 pages.



The second step in the updte is to provide information on the children of Abraham and Catharine Overholser and their families   Chapter 4 below provides information on Their son, John Overholser, his wife, Susannah Snider, and their family, so this section will focus on their other children.

Abraham and Catharine Overholser's oldeset child, Susanna Overholser, married John Snider.  There is a link to the information I have compiled on John and Susanna (Overholser) Snider below.  It includes an explanation of why I believe that earlier "educated guesses" about what happened to their children are wrong and that the descendants listed for their sons Abraham Snider and John Snider in many Overholser and Snider family compilations are actually descendamts of men named Abraham Snider and John Snider who are not part of this family.


EARLIER VERSION - The .pdf files on my Martin page and the .pdf files on my Overholser page can be combined into a 10 chapter book ANCESTORS AND FAMILY OF JACOB MARTIN (1798-1871 AND SUSANNAH OVERHOLSER (1798-1870 PIONEER RESIDENTS OF DARKE COUNTY, OHIO.  Follow this link to a title page and annotated table of contents for that book.


Chapter 1. Jacob Martin and Susannah Overholser


Chapters 2 and 3 are on the Martin page.

Chapter 4. Overholser Ancestors of Susannah Overholser Martin in 3 parts (Updated on 29-30 July 2017)




Appendix to Chapter 4. Scans of the Records of the Results of the Estate Auction of Susannah Overholser Martin's father, John Overholser

(Until I can figure out how to fix them, the first two scans need to be rotated.)

Page 1 pdfJohnOverholserEstateAuctionP1.pdf

Page 2 pdfJohnOverholserEstateAuctionP2.pdf

Page 3pdfJohnOverholserEstateAuctionP3.pdf


Chapter 5. Snider Ancestors of Susannah Overholser is in the process of completion. 


There is a very thorough, well-documented 2007 compilation of information on Susannah's parents, Jacob and Margaret Snider and their family by Thomas Neel at 

Chapter 6 is on the Martin page

Chapter 7. Brothers and Sistersn of Susannah Overholser Martin and Their Families

7a.. Abraham Overholser (1787-1819) and Catharine Miller (1791/2-after the 1860 census)


7g. Elizabeth Overholser (1803-1889) and Joel Wogoman (1803-1878) by Gale Honeyman


Chapters 8 through 10 are on the Martin page.

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