My paternal grandmother was Grace Floretta Martin, who married Mansel Levi McCrea.  Her great grandparents, Jacob Martin (11 August 1798 - 18 December 1871)  and Susannah Overholser (20 January 1798 - 26 February 1870) were married in Montgomery County, Ohio, 16 August 1818, moved to Adams Township, Darke County, Ohio, around 1832 and were pioneer residents of the area.  Jacob and Susannah had 11 children and 85 grandchildren. I descend from their son David Martin who married Eliza Ann Burns.

 There are links below to .pdf files with information on Jacob Martin and his ancestors.  For information on Susannah Overholser's ancestors, link to my OVERHOLSER PAGE.

The .pdf files on my Martin page and the .pdf files on my Overholser page can be combined into a 9 chapter book ANCESTORS AND FAMILY OF JACOB MARTIN (1798-1871) AND SUSANNAH OVERHOLSER (1798-1870) PIONEER RESIDENTS OF DARKE COUNTY, OHIO.  Follow this link to a title page and annotated table of contents for that book.


Chapter 1. Jacob Martin and Susannah Overholser


The ancestors of Jacob Martin are covered in the next two chapters,  Jacob was a son of Johannes (John) Martin Jr. and Appolonia (Anglicized as Abigail Booher/Bucher.  Chapter 2 covers Jacob Martin's Martin ancestors. Chapter 3 begins with his maternal grandfather Peter Booher/Bucher Sr. and covers the Booher side of the family.  Because some people are interested in only the Martins or only the Boohers, there is some duplication.


Chapter 2.. Martin Ancestors of Jacob Martin


Chapter 3. Peter Booher/Bucher Sr. Family


The next 3 chapters of the book are on the Overholser page.  They are followed by:

Chapter 7. Jacob and Susannah's son, David Martin, and his wife, Eliza Ann Burns


For information on Eliza Ann Burns's ancestors, link to my BURNS PAGE 

In the summer of 1903, Eliza Burns Martin, the widow of Jacob and Susannah Martin's son, David Martin, her 9 living children, the spouses of the 8 who were married, and most of their children and grandchildren gathered at the family home in Adams Twp, Darke Co OH and took group photos.  Thanks to Oma Martin Lehman, we have copies of those photos and the names of almost everyone in the photos.

Chapter 8. 1903 Eliza Burns Martin Family Photos


Jacob Martin and three of his brothers, Joseph, Eli, and Andrew, moved from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, to Montgomery County, Ohio, in the 1810s,  Their desdendants later moved in different directions.  Apparently in the early 1900s some descendants of Jacob and Emanuel Martin who lived in and near Darke County, Ohio, became reacquainted with some descendants of Joseph Martin who lived in and near Tippecanoe   County, Indiana. They began holding Martin family reunions in 1906. The third of these reunions, in 1908, was the first one held in Ohio.  

D. W. K. (Daniel Webster Kreider) Martin (6 June 1849 - 2 March 1921), son of John Bucher Martin and Rachel Kreider, grandson of Jacob Martin and Susannah Overholser, and great grandson of John Martin Jr. and Appolonia Booher/Bucher, was elected president of the family association in 1908, 1909, 1910, and 1911. He was the owner and publisher of a weekly newspaper named the VERSAILLES POLICY. His articles about Martin family reunions appeared in the VERSAILLES POLICY the week after the reunion in 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1913, and 1914. These areticles, especially about reunions held in Ohio, are very informative. 

Chapter 9. VERSAILLES POLICY articles about Martin family reunions


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