My great grandfather, LEWIS ANDREW MCCREA, was born August 2, 1857, at Fair Hill, Cecil County, Maryland, the son of Samuel McCrea and Martha Ball. He learned the trade of stone mason in Maryland from his father. Lewis moved to the town of Webster in Wayne Township, Darke County, Ohio, about 1879, joining his uncle, John H. McCrea, and his cousin, Cloyd McCrea, who had moved there earlier. Lewis was the last of my ancestors to move to Darke County. The 1880 Wayne Township, Darke Co OH census lists Lewis McCrea, stone mason, age 23, living with the Charles Seifert family next door to J.W.C. (Cloyd) McCrea and his family.

On June 14, 1885, in Darke County, Lewis married Ora Belle Bayman (March 30, 1862, Wayne Twp Darke Co OH - Nov. 14, 1939, Darke Co OH), the daughter of James Bayman and Katharine Huddle.  Lewis and Belle McCrea had three children, Mansel Levi McCrea, Kennard Bayman McCrea, and Sarah Opal McCrea.  According to Lewis's obituary, "He saw the passing of the log house and log barn. Over two hundred houses and barns stand on foundations laid by him and his helpers, besides five churches and fifteen schoolhouses. In 1893 he was converted and joined the Methodist Church at Webster, Ohio. Never missing a service when health permitted and was one of its liberal supporters."

The McCreas lived in Webster. Minutes of the Webster town council at the Wright State University library show that Lewis first became a town councilman in April, 1888, and served on the council off and on through the 1890's. He was mayor of Webster from 1902 to 1908. He was elected in 1902 and reelected in 1904 and 1906 as the Democratic candidate. He was the last mayor Webster had as the town voted to unincorporate on Feb. 18, 1908. His salary as mayor was raised to $10 a year on Dec. 26, 1905. As an example of wages of that period, town records show that on Oct. 24, 1904, he was paid $4.68, $2.18 for 1¾ days shoveling gravel @ $1.25 and $2.50 for 1 day hauling gravel @ $2.50.

Lewis McCrea died in Montgomery County, Ohio, on Sept. 27, 1951, at the age of 94. Lewis and Ora Belle McCrea are buried in in Greenlawn Cemetery in Versailles, Darke County, Ohio.

I have submitted my DNA to FamilyTreeDNA for Y-DNA testing which tests the direct male line.  For the results, link here.

My earliest documented McCrea ancestor is Lewis Andrew McCrea's father, Samuel McCrea. of Cecil County, Maryland.  There are a number of McCreas in earlier generations in Cecil County who are likely related to Samuel, but I have not yet been able to document his parents or his connection to these earlier Cecil County McCreas.  For information on the McCrea family in Cecil County, Maryland, link here or to the .pdf file below.



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