This is a transcription of the family history pages from the James Bayman - Katharine Huddle family Bible. The copyright on the Bible is 1849. The entries for events through 1852 are in the same ink and were likely made in the same time. Entries for 1862 and after and corrections of initial entries were made later.


James Bayman son of Wm Bayman & Mariah

Mariah Kindle Maiden name of his mother

was Born in Miami Co. Ohio Near Covington

in the Month of June 3 1819


Katharine Huddle daughter of

Frederich & Magdalena Huddle

Magdalena Byrd daughter of Peter and

Hannah Byrd maiden name of her mother

Frederick Huddle was a son of Henry

Huddle & Charlotte Hammon (the

names of grandparents) and they was

Born in Shanadore Co Va German descent

Katharine Huddle was Born in Rockingham

Co Va March the 30 1824

and Moved to Ohio with her parents to

Fairfield Co Ohio March 30, 1830, and in Nov 1830

Moved to Montgomery Co Ohio and April

9 Landed? in dark Co 1835.


James Bayman was born June 3 1819

Katharine Huddle wife J Bayman

was born in Rockingham Co Va March 30, 1824


Levi Hostter Bayman son of James &

Katharine Bayman was born in

Dark Co Ohio Sept 22d 1844


Sarah Magdalene Bayman

daughter of James & Katharine Bayman

was born Oct 5th 1852 in Dark Co Ohio


Ora Belle Bayman daughter of James

and Katharine Bayman was born

March 30, 1862 in Dark Co Ohio


James Bayman and Katharine

Huddle was married by David

Brandon (a justice of the pice)

all of Dark Co Ohio in Dark Co

Ohio in the Month of May 13th 1841.


James Bayman died in the month

April 20th day in the year 1876


Katharine Bayman

Wife of James Bayman

Died March the lst 1892

68 years of age

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