My great grandmother, Ora Belle Bayman, was born March 30, 1862, in Darke County, Ohio, a daughter of James Bayman and Katharine Huddle.  She married Lewis Andrew McCrea (August 2, 1857, Fair Hill MD - Sept. 27, 1951, Dayton OH), on June 14, 1885, in Darke County.  She died Nov. 14, 1939, in Webster, Darke County.  She and Lewis are buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Gettysburg, Darke County. 

Her obituary states, "She was born in Wayne Township, one mile west of Webster, where she spent her girlhood. She was raised in a Christian home, and in young womanhood joined the United Brethren Church at "The Old Chapel". Few people remain who remember where this church stood. After the Methodist Church was built at Webster, she transferred her membership to that church."  Link here for information about the United Brethren Church at "The Old Chapel."

Belle Bayman was born and grew up on her parents' Darke County farm, which consisted of 55 acres on the southern edge of Wayne Township, in the southeast ¼ of Section 36, Township 11, Range 3, and 45 adjoining acres on the northern edge of Adams Township, on the northeast corner of Section 1, Township 10, range 3. The house was on a short north-south road on the east side of the Wayne Township part of the property that has since been named “McCrea Road.” This land was purchased by her father, James Bayman, from his brother-in-law, Levi Huddle, on November 21, 1849. It has been in the family ever since. The United Brethren Church mentioned in the obituary was part of the Stillwater Circuit and was located on the southwest corner of the southeast ¼ of Section 36. James Bayman was the leader of this congregation during the 1860s. He died April 20, 1876, when Ora Belle Bayman was 14 years old.

I am the current custodian of the family Bible of Ora Belle Bayman's parents, James Bayman and Katharine Huddle.  Link here for a transcription of the family history pages.

Link here for the children and grandchildren of James Bayman and Katharine Huddle.

Tucked away in the family Bible was an 1887 letter from a Bayman cousin who had moved to Barry County, Michigan.  Link here for a transcription of that letter.

According to the family Bible, James Bayman's parents were William Bayman and Mariah Kindle. Link here for information on them, their family, and their ancestors. 

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