My maternal grandmother was Bessie Viets who married Orrie Orlando Arnold.  Her father was Orville Deville Viets, and her paternal grandfather was John Wesley Viets (Jan. 6, 1835, Fort Jefferson, Darke County, Ohio - Dec. 31, 1915, Soldiers’ Home, Dayton, Ohio).  The .pdf below includes a photos of John Wesley Viets, his wife, Sophia Burkett, and their children, and another photo taken in the summer of 1906 that shows John Wesley Viets, Sophia Burket, their children, and most of their grandchildren who were living at the time.  Bessie is in the second photo.  For information on Bessie Viet's maternal grandmother, and a photo of four generations of my maternal ancestry, visit my BUSSARD PAGE.



On October 24, 1907, at the age of 72, John Wesley Viets gave a speech at the dedication of the Indian Wars monument at Fort Jefferson.  A transcription of that speech was published by the Ohio Historical Society in OHIO ARCHEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL PUBLICATIONS, volume 17.  That speech follows the photos on pages 5 and 6 of the above document.  It gives insight into life in rural southwestern Ohio in the 1840s and 1850s.

Much earlier in his live, John Wesley Viets and his older brother, Charles W. Viets, were privates in Company I of the 152nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry (OVI) which was a Darke County unit of the Ohio National Guard that was mobilized for service in the Civil War for 120 days, May through August, 1864. Charles W. Viets wrote a letter to a friend back on Darke County on July 17 which describes their activities up to that point.


Wes Viets, the second name at the end of the letter, was John Wesley Viets.

Dorothy Dean Viets Schell did an outstanding job of researching the Viets family and reporting on it in her 1990 book, A VIETS GENEALOGY: DR. JOHN VIETS AND HIS DESCENDANTS, now out of print.  She has since died and I don't know of any member of her immediate family who is continuing her research.  The links below are to information from her book.


JOHN WESLEY VIETS ANCESTORS - GENERATION 1 - Great Great Great Grandfather Dr. John Viets

JOHN WESLEY VIETS ANCESTORS - GENERATION 2 - Great Great Grandfather John Viets (#1-5) and his siblings

JOHN WESLEY VIETS ANCESTORS - GENERATION 3 - Great Grandfather = John Viets (#1-5-1) and his siblings

JOHN WESLEY VIETS ANCESTORS - GENERATION 4 - Grandfather = Hezekiah Phelps Viets (#1-5-1-2) and his siblings

JOHN WESLEY VIETS ANCESTORS - GENERATION 5 - Father = Hezekiah Viets (#1-5-1-2-1)



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