I am the current custodian of the family Bible of James Bayman and Katharine Huddle.  The family history pages of that Bible state:

James Bayman son of Wm Bayman & Mariah

Mariah Kindle Maiden name of his mother

was Born in Miami Co. Ohio Near Covington

in the Month of June 3 1819


Below is a summary of what is known about William and Mariah. 


William Bayman and Mariah Kindle

It is very likely that William Bayman was born in Bedford County VA in 1791-2, the son of Thomas Bayman, and came to Miami County, Ohio, with three brothers. It is also very likely that he married Mariah Kindle in Miami County in the 1810s, although there is no documentation.

Two documents show that William Bayman was a resident of Miami County by 1819, the Bible records above and a December 19, 1819, Miami County deed in which William Bayman bought 80 acres, the south half of the northwest quarter of Section 12, Township 9, Range 4, in Newberry Township, from his brother, Thomas Bayman.  

The 1820 Newberry Twp census shows William Bayman with one male 27-45 (William), one female 17-26 (Mariah), and three males under 10. James Bayman, is one of the males under 10. Two male Baymans who died before 1850 and don’t fit into any other Bayman families are strong possibilities for the other two males under 10 included in the William Bayman family in that census. They are:

Andrew Bayman born March 21, 1816 OH, died Nov. 3, 1847 Wells Co IND, buried. Bethel Cem. Wells Co., IND, married Mary Ann Shepherd Nov. 26, 1840 Wells Co. She was born Feb. 9, 1824 OH, daughter of Daniel and Amelia Baber Shepherd, married (2) Ambrose Redding Jan. 18, 1857, Wells Co IND died Sept. 10, 1863 Wells Co IND buried Bethel Cem.

John Bayman married Mary Patterson Dec. 28, 1841, Miami Co OH.  Mary Bayman of Miami Co OH, born in Ohio, died in July, 1849, of cholera at the age of 35 according to the 1850 Ohio Mortality Schedule.  That would put her birth in the last half of 1813 or the first half of 1814.  John Bayman is not in the 1850 census.  It is very likely that he also died before that census.  The 1850 Mortality Schedule only lists deaths between June 1, 1849 and May 31, 1850, so he could have died earlier in 1849 of the same disease and not be listed there.  Joe Bosserman identified three broken headstones with no dates in Highland Cemetery, Covington. "The three names are John BAMAN, Mary BAMAN, and J.A.BAMAN. That is all that is on them.  From their location I would judge that all three are pre-1850." There is very little to be seen on those headstones now, but I agree with Joe that it is very likely that these are the headstones of John and Mary (Patterson) Bayman and a child.  In the 1850 census, Amelia Bayman, age 7, was living with James Bayman and Katharine Huddle. James and Katharine Bayman's Bible records and the fact that Amelia Bayman age 7 was listed in the census after their son Levi Bayman, age 6, prove that Amelia was not a child of James and Katharine Bayman.   I believe it is likely that Amelia was a child of John and Mary Bayman, and, since her parents were dead, she was living with her aunt and uncle at the time of the 1850 census. Amelia Bayman later married William Koons and they moved to Barry County, Michigan. I have an 1887 letter from Amelia to Ora Belle Bayman McCrea, daughter of James and Katharine Bayman, which begins ”Dear Cousins.”.

In two separate 1828 Miami Co OH land transactions, William Bayman and Mariah his wife sold the 80 acres they had purchased in 1819. On June 27, 1828, they sold 30 acres to Michael Raidebaugh. On Dec. 18, 1828, they sold the other 50 acres to John Hagan. In the first deed, Mariah’s name is spelled Mariah. In the second deed, it is spelled Maria. Both deeds show William Bayman (his mark) and Mariah Bayman (her mark) and state that William and Mariah personally appeared before the Justice of the Peace. There is also a Sept. 1, 1834, deed in which William Bayman sold lot 31 in Covington to Frederich Wiesell. There is no mention of his wife in that deed. I thought that indicated that Mariah had died by Sept. 1, 1834. However, Warren McBride, a descendant of William and Mariah Bayman’s daughter, Elizabeth, found a 2001 article by William Dollarhide that states, “The dower rights for a wife did not apply to small parcels of land (under one acre or so),” so Mariah could still have been living when William sold that land. I can find no records of when William obtained the Covington lot that he sold in 1834.

The 1830 Newberry Township, Miami County census listing for William Bayman shows one male 30-40 (William), one female 30-40 (Mariah), one female 60-70 (possibly the mother of William or Mariah) and 5 children, 2 boys 10-15, 2 boys 5-10, and 1 girl 0-5. If Andrew, John, and James listed in my previous message are correct, then one of them, probably James, is listed in the wrong age range in the 1830 census. That leaves one additional son. He could very well be:

Aaron Bayman born ca 1823, married Feb. 20, 1848 Caroline Woods (born ca 1825 d/o Henry and Jane Woods), died July 4, 1848, Darke Co OH, buried Versailles Greenlawn Cem., Darke Co OH

The documentation is pretty solid that the first of their daughters we have records on, Lucinda, was born Nov. 17, 1830, in Covington, Miami Co OH. The only date that appears on the 1830 Miami County census is the date that the census was completed, Nov. 23, 1830. That would mean that Lucinda could have had a Nov. 17, 1830, birth date and still appear in the 1830 Miami County census.

There is no William Bayman listed in the 1840 Newberry Township, Miami County, census.  However, I agree with Warren McBride that it is very likely that the Thomas Bayman listed in the 1840 Newberry Township census is actually William.  William’s brother Thomas Bayman is listed in Wayne Township, Darke County, in both the 1830 and 1840 censuses, so he is not the Thomas Bayman in the Miami County census, the birth years for the Thomas Bayman family listed in the 1840 Miami County census match William’s family, and there is no other Thomas Bayman who fits.  The 1840 census listing for Thomas Bayman in Newberry Township, Miami County shows 1 male 40-50 (William), 1 female 20-30, 1 male 15-20, 1 male and one female 10-15, 1 male and 1 female 5-10, and 2 males 0-5.   From the ages listed, it appears that Mariah had died by 1840 and the female 20-30 was a housekeeper.

By 1850, William Bayman had moved to Wells County, Indiana. The 1850 Harrison Township, Wells County census shows William Bayman age 58 farmer living with Lucinda Bayman age 19 and Elizabeth Bayman age 16, near his nephew James Bayman. This gives us two daughters:

Lucinda Bayman - born Nov. 17, 1830, Covington, Miami Co OH, died Dec. 30, 1925 Soldier's Home, Lafayette IND, buried in Indiana Soldiers Home Cemetery there, married May 2, 1865, Wells Co IND, Henry Brown (Nov., 1840 IND - March 16, 1904 Soldier's Home Cem), married (2nd) May 15, 1906 Tippecanoe, IN, Robert Bowman, s/o John H. Bowman and Elizabeth Chambers, who died Sept. 27, 1912, buried Spencer, IN. The records of her second marriage say she was born in 1840 and age 66 at the time of the marriage and Robert Bowman was born in 1836 and age 70 at the time of the marriage. Findagrave.com shows her death date but not her birth date.

Elizabeth Maria Bayman - born Oct. 15, 1833/4/5 Miami Co OH, died Aug. 15, 1868 Wells Co IND, buried Six Mile Cem. Bluffton IND, married March 30, 1855, Wells Co IND, his second of four marriages, Lewis Prillaman (March 26, 1825, Miami Co OH - Sept. 29, 1899 Wells Co IND buried Six Mile Cem.) son of William P. Prillaman and Sarah Winters, While Elizabeth’s headstone gives her date of birth as Oct. 15, 1835, her age of 16 in the June, 1850, census would indicate that, if her birth date was Oct. 15, it would have to have been in 1833. Lewis and Elizabeth (Bayman) Prilliman had the following children:

     i. William (1856-1944)

     ii. Sarah Jeanette (1858-1964)

     iii Lucinda Jane "Jennie" (1859-1936)

     iv. Henry A. (1863-1931)

     v. Cora Bell (Twin) (1865-1943)

     vi. Carrie Mae (Twin) (1865-1959)

That leaves two males 0-5 and 1 male 5-10 in the 1840 William Bayman census listing unaccounted for. Perhaps they were children of William and Mariah Bayman who died before the 1850 census or were living with another family at the time of that census. Perhaps they were children of the housekeeper who was living with the William Bayman family at the time of the 1840 census or were foster children and were unrelated to the Bayman family.

According to Warren McBride, "William died Jan. 10, 1872 according to our old funeral books. In those days they didn't do any more than build the coffin, therefore it didn't give place of burial nor who paid for it. It could be that he still lived around Six Mile because if he was still living with Lucinda it would have been too far for them to come for the coffin. I bet he may have been buried at Six Mile or even Bethel which isn't far from there. But, there are no records that might tell."


In early Miami County records, the name Kindle is spelled Kindle, Kindell, Kendle, Kendell, Kendall, etc., and individuals using different spellings could easily be part of the same family.

In the 1820 Newberry Twp, Miami County census, on the same page as William Bayman, is Benjamin Kindle with one male and one female 45 or older along with children. In the 1830 Newberry Twp census, the spelling is Benjamin Kindell, the male is 60-70 and the female is 50-60. That means Benjamin Kindle was born in the 1760s and his wife was born in the first half of the 1770s.

There are records of Ohio state censuses of adult males 21 and older in 1827 and 1835. Benjamin Kindell is listed in the 1827 state census but not the 1835 one. It appears that he died between 1830 and 1835 and is the Benjamin Kendle whose estate is listed in Miami County Probate Court records as 09 Jul 1835 Case 00735 Book B Page 0127.   One sheet in that thick estate packet shows the following recipients of payments from the estate (I have used a "K" to represent the last name Kindle in its various spellings.):

Elizabeth K, widow

Margaret Houk, daughter

Mason K, son

Benjamin K, son

James K, son

John K, son

Barsheba K, daughter

Wilson K, son

Sarah Patterson, daughter

William V. Kindell, son and administator

There is no mention of Mariah Bayman (or her children as it is likely she had died by 1835.) This makes it unlikely that Mariah was a daughter of Benjamin Kindle.

The biography of J. M. Kendall on page 739 of the 1880 Miami County History states, "His father, William Kendall, a native of PA, was left an orphan, and, when 8 years old, he came to Ohio with an uncle about the year 1813." If Mariah was not the daugher of Benjamin Kindle, there is at least the possibility that Mariah was a sister of this William Kendall. Perhaps she also came to Ohio with their uncle and this uncle was Benjamin Kindle.

A check of Pennsylvania censuses shows that Benjamin Kindle appears in the 1790, 1800, and 1810 censuses for Toboyne Township, Cumberland County. (In March, 1820, the part of Cumberland County that contains Toboyne Twp was included in the newly created Perry County. Toboyne Twp in Cumberland County in 1790-1820 now makes up Toboyne and Jackson Twp in Perry County, the westernmost part of Perry County.) This is the only Benjamin Kendal/Kindle in any of these PA censuses.

In the 1790 census, Benjamin Kindle was the only Kindle in Cumberland County. His household contained 1 male 16 or over, one male under 16, and 3 females.

In the 1800 Pennsylvania census, there were 5 Kindles listed as heads of households in Toboyne Twp, William Kindle Jr., Mason Kindle, David Kindle, William Kindle, Jr., and Benjamin Kindle. The second William Kindle Jr., and Benjamin Kindle were listed next to each other. The oldest Kindles in this census were in the household of the first William Kindle Jr., with one male and one female 45 or older along with one male 16 to 25. Benjamin Kindle's household had two males and one female 26 to 44 years old along with 4 boys and 3 girls and David Kindle's household had one male and one female 26 to 44 years old along with 2 boys and 1 girl. Mason Kindle's household had one male and one female 16 to 25 and 3 boys and the second William Kindle Jr.'s household had had one male and one female 16 to 25 and 1 boy.

In the 1810 Toboyne Twp census, there were 4 Kindles listed as heads of households, William Kindell Jr., David Kindell, Benjamin Kindell, and William Kindell. Now the oldest Kindles were David and Benjamin. Benjamin Kindell's household had one male 45 or older and one female 26 to 44 years old along with 5 boys and 5 girls and David Kindell's household had one male 45 or older and one female 26 to 44 years old along with 4 boys and 2 girls. William Kindell's household had one male and one female 26 to 44 years old along with 4 boys and 1 girl, and William Kindell Jr.'s household had two males 16 to 25 years old, one female 26 to 44 years old, and 1 girl under 10 years old.

There are no Kendalls, Kindles, etc., in the 1820 PA census in either Cumberland or Perry County.

I believe the consistency of both the uncommon name, Benjamin Kindle, the ages in the censuses, and the fact that Benjamin Kindle appears in the 1790, 1800, and 1810 PA censuses and the 1820 and 1830 OH censuses provides reasonably solid evidence that Benjamin and Elizabeth Kindle and their family of Toboyne Twp, Cumberland County (now Perry County) PA moved to Newberry Twp, Miami County OH between 1810 and 1820 and that they might have brought members of their extended family with them.

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